Options For Landscaping A Sloped Garden

Homeowners with a sloped garden often think of the sloped area as dead space, or can perhaps feel resentful about spending time maintaining an area that isn't utilised. A sloped garden doesn't just have to consist of a lawn that your struggle to mow. There are ways to make the space both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Read on to learn about a few options for landscaping a sloped garden.

Build A Terrace

If you like the idea of dining al fresco, consider having a terrace built out of your sloped garden. It's less costly than having the sloped area levelled and involves having steps installed on the slope to the point where a terrace will be built out on a platform. Stone, wood or brick can be used to create a terrace that complements the style of your home. You can add lighting to the steps and plant flowers on either side of the steps and around the terrace, as you'll have easy access to the flowerbeds to maintain them. Consider perennial plants, such as geraniums and anemones, if you want to enjoy beautiful flowers with little ongoing effort on your part.

Create A Rock Garden

If you're looking for a low-maintenance way to landscape a sloped area that enhances the aesthetic of your garden, consider a rock garden. Rock gardens can be really enjoyable to create because you get to select the type, size and shape of the rocks. Lay tarpaulin down to prevent weed growth before arranging your rocks and consider installing steps through the middle of your rock garden to allow you to have easy access to it should you want to add plants, garden ornaments or a water feature. Succulents, ferns and decorative mosses do well in rock gardens and require very little attention.

Turn It Into A Play Area

There are a number of ways you can turn a sloped garden into a fun area for kids to play. Installing netting, tyres or a rope ladder will allow kids to climb to the top of the slope in a fun way that resembles an obstacle course. If you add an integrated slide, they'll enjoy sliding down to the bottom of the slope and scrambling back up while you enjoy your coffee and book.

If you'd like some help deciding what to do with your sloped garden, contact your local landscaping company for advice. They can make some recommendations based on your budget, the size of your garden and your lifestyle.  

For more info about landscaping, contact a local company. 

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