6 Advantages of Buffalo Turf

If you are looking for a type of turf that is easy to maintain and also looks great, then buffalo turf is a great option. Here are just a few of the biggest advantages of buffalo turf.

1. Buffalo Turf Resists Droughts

If you live in a dry climate, then it is a good idea to choose a drought-resistant species of grass for your lawn. Buffalo turf has excellent drought resistance thanks to its deep root system, which can dig a long way down into the ground in search of moisture during periods of very dry weather. Even in hot, dry summers, buffalo grass can remain green and lush with minimal watering.

2. Buffalo Turf Has Excellent Colour

If you are looking for a deep green colour for your lawn, then buffalo turf is an excellent choice. For the deepest green possible, select sapphire buffalo turf, which has a green colour so rich and strong that it almost contains hints of blue.

3. Buffalo Turf Tolerates Both Shade and Sun

Whereas most grass species thrive in sun and struggle in shade, buffalo grasses can handle both sets of conditions. Even if your lawn area is completely shaded, buffalo turf will not turn yellow or weedy. Even small amounts of indirect sunlight are enough for this hardy grass species to thrive.

4. Buffalo Turf Requires Little Mowing

Buffalo grass has a great ability to spread quickly to cover a large area, but compared to other grass species, it has relatively little upward growth. As a consequence, it requires a lot less mowing than other types of grass. If you are hoping to create a low-maintenance lawn, then choosing buffalo turf is a smart move.

5. Buffalo Turf Has Low Allergy Potential

Compared to some other types of grass, buffalo grasses produce relatively few seed heads. As a result, buffalo turf is less likely to trigger allergies in sensitive people than other types of lawn. If you have allergies, or someone in your family suffers from them, then choosing buffalo turf is a great way to ensure that you can enjoy your garden in the summer with a minimum of symptoms.

6. Buffalo Turf Resists Weeds

Thanks to its ability to thickly cover the ground, buffalo grass does not leave much space for weeds to sneak through. Therefore, your lawn will require little treatment with chemical weed killers and little manual weeding.

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