Slope Erosion Control in the Home Garden

Erosion can be an issue when you have a hill or slope that tends to wash out in heavy rains. It doesn't have to be a major slope to suffer from erosion, either. Flexible growth medium mats can help minimise erosion difficulties so you can grow grass or other types of plants as desired.

Erosion Mitigation Methods

There are many ways to mitigate erosion on your property. One inorganic method uses thick layers of weed tarping to prevent growth and soil runoff. The tarps are staked down and heavy mulch, often stone, is placed on top. Another inorganic method is to install retaining walls to create a terrace down the slope, which slows water flow and erosion.

If you prefer plants, though, it can be more challenging. Lawn grasses and other low-growing groundcovers can anchor a slope with their roots, but establishing them can be difficult at best as erosion can sweep away young plants. Even if the seedlings manage to root, retaining enough moisture and nutrients in a high-erosion area can be difficult.

Flexible Mat Benefits

Enter the flexible growth medium. This simple medium can solve the problems with erosion and root establishment without a lot of additional effort. The medium is made of biodegradable materials, namely wood and plant fibres. The medium is applied over the slope in a thick coating that provides full coverage. The method of making the medium optimises water absorption so that plants can establish quickly.

The medium is impregnated with seeds. Typically, it's the seeds of lawn grasses, but you may be able to find those with alternative groundcovers. Each seed is pelleted, which means it's surrounded with a hydro coating to help speed germination.

Installation Basics

Installation is relatively simple. The soil on the slope is prepared just as you would prepare any new garden area or lawn site, with old plants removed, the earth tilled, and amendments like compost worked in.

The medium is then sprayed over the area to be treated. The spray bonds with the soil into a thick mat-like form. This mat will both retain sufficient moisture as well as provide some early nutrition to help speed the growth of your new anchoring plants. The area will require periodic watering until the plants have germinated and established.

Contact a distributor of flexible growth medium, such as Flexterra growth medium, if you are ready to combat the erosion in your garden.

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