Artificial Or Natural Bufalo Turf: A Complete Guide

There are several reasons why buffalo grass is one of the most sought after grasses in Australia. It is a warm-season and drought resistance grass that requires minimal maintenance. It does not need regular mowing, fertiliser or irrigation. Unlike other grasses, buffalo grass will easily survive the winter. Many homeowners are often in a dilemma of whether to plant natural grass or install artificial grass on their lawns. Below is a guide to help you choose between synthetic and natural buffalo grass.

Natural Buffalo Grass

The primary benefit of natural buffalo grass is that it helps create an ecosystem in your lawn. Insects will benefit from the grass while the oxygen produced by the grass will go a long way in purifying the air around your home. Besides, it is cheaper compared to artificial turf. 

Land preparation is the first step when planting natural grass. Remove any weeds and unwanted debris in the area you intend to grow the grass. Your landscape must have excellent drainage. Otherwise, heavy could cause water logging or erosion on your lawn. Conduct a soil test to ensure that the soil to not too acidic or alkaline. Your next concern is to determine whether to plant seeds or sod. Seeds will give a healthy and even lawn. However, they take longer to mature. Sod should be purchased from reputable landscapers to ensure it is ideal for your climate and that it does not harbour any pests or disease.

Artificial Buffalo Grass

Artificial buffalo turf is an ideal option for people that do not have the time or expertise to plant grass on their lawns. Although it is expensive, it does not require regular maintenance such as mowing and irrigation. 

When buying artificial buffalo turf, interview your landscaper or check the Internet to identify companies that make durable and quality turf. The primary advantage of artificial turf is that it can be designed to suit your tastes. You can choose the leaf size and density. Long leaves are ideal for people that want a lush lawn. However, the leaves should not be too long. Otherwise, the leaves will bend over time. Check the warranty of the grass. Some companies will provide quality products that will last up to thirty years. These grasses are ideal in heavy traffic areas. Unlike natural grass, you will require a professional to install artificial buffalo grass. 

You should now have an easy time choosing between natural and artificial buffalo turf. Always seek the assistance of a professional as you plant natural grass or install artificial turf.

If you have further questions about buffalo turf, reach out to a local landscaper. 

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