Is Kikuyu grass right for your lawn?

One of the first steps in laying a new lawn is deciding which type of grass will be the most appropriate for your location. You must consider how the lawn will be used, whether it is in a shady or sunny location and how much time you will be able to dedicate to lawn maintenance. You could opt for buffalo grass or sapphire buffalo turf. but for many years, one of the most popular choices for Australian lawns has been Kikuyu turf. Kikuyu turf has the advantage of performing well in most Australian climates and can provide an almost instant grassy area for your home. Here are three reasons why you should choose Kikuyu turf for your new lawn.

A rapidly established lawn

Kikuyu turf grows quickly and creates an evenly grassed area which has good resistance to wear and is able to recover fast and repair itself even if it does become damaged. The strong root base of the grass enables the bright green leaves to maintain their colour throughout the year in warmer climates and for most of the year everywhere else.

A resilient lawn

Laying new turf is only the first step in creating a great-looking lawn. The grass may look good when you have just put the turf in place, but the real test comes when you start to use the lawn every day. You will need a lawn that can stand up to the rigours of regular use in a tough climate. It is in these areas that a Kikuyu grass lawn will excel staying green and healthy while other lawns wither or quickly become a churned-up muddy field.

A versatile lawn

The resilience of Kikuyu grass means that it has found acceptance in a wide range of uses, including everything from golf fairways and race courses to public parks and home lawns. Whether you want a lawn to enhance the view from your windows or something that your children can run around on for hours every day, using Kikuyu turf for your new grassy area can be a great choice. It is popular choice for erosion control and is able to tolerate waterlogged soils as well. Whatever your conditions may be, you will be able to use Kikuyu turf for your lawn.

Caring for your new lawn

Kikuyu turf has many advantages, but like all types of grass, it does require some care if you want it to look its best. Regular exposure to the sun and frequent mowing will be required to retain the tight growth mat and allow the grass to thrive.

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