Why You Should Always Rely on Professional Excavators for Your Property

Even if you only need a small trench dug for an underground drain, or want to plant some landscaping trees around your yard, it's always good to rely on a professional excavation services to do any digging for you. It becomes even more important to rely on professionals if you're thinking of having all the property's turf torn up in order to put down new seed, or want to have a large pit dug for a pool or water feature. Note a few reasons why you should always rely on professional excavators for any digging work on your property, no matter the extent of that work.


Even digging a small trench or removing a small area of turf on your lawn can affect the ground's overall grading or slope. If the property is not properly graded, water can collect underground and eventually lead to cracks and leaks in the foundation, and water damage in the home. You might also accidentally grade the soil so that it slopes to a neighbour's house, and this could cause damage to their property. A professional excavator will know how to grade the property and ensure there is no water build-up or subsequent water damage to any building.

Compacting the soil

Soil that is not properly compacted around the area of excavation can easily sink and shift, or allow water to run through freely. In turn, the excavated site can then start to flood, or it may sink under the weight of a pool or your new water feature. Even smaller and lightweight items like landscaping trees may start to settle and shift when the soil moves around underneath them. An excavator will ensure the soil is properly compacted so it's strong and firm.

Buried concrete and rock

If you try to dig a trench or pit in your property, you may be surprised to find concrete or very rocky soil just under the topsoil. You can easily damage tools, even a small bobcat, when trying to get through these toughened materials, or may pull up these materials and then have the soft soil collapse around that area. This can be dangerous and also mean soil that is too soft to hold your water feature or landscaping, or it might form small sinkholes around your yard. To avoid this risk, have a professional landscaper do any digging so they have the right equipment for all soil conditions, and are sure to remove all buried substances safely.

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