Zero Turn Mowers: Benefits You Will Reap Using This Equipment

Zero turn mowers are a design of lawn mowing equipment that has steadily become a staple in most homes with large yards. This type of mower is characterised by having a zero-turn radius, meaning it does not have to reverse for it to navigate turns and corners. Instead, it has two levers instead of a steering wheel, which function to control the wheels. Below are some of the benefits that you will reap by using a zero-turn mower on your yard.  

Zero- turn mowers afford your enhanced manoeuvrability

The turning style of the zero-turn mower ensures that the driver can make the most of their manoeuvrability. By having full control on each wheel of the mower independently, you can make the mower over in any direction by the simple pull or push of a lever. This makes it a much better option for people who have an irregularly shaped yard or numerous obstacles on the property in the form of trees, stumps, boulders and more.

Zero-turn mowers afford you faster mowing times

If you compare the time it takes to mow your yard when doing this with a push mower and when mowing with a zero-turn, you will find that your mowing chores will be completed much faster with the latter. Granted, the amount of time it takes to mow your yard would largely depend on how large the property is as well as how much maintenance it requires. Nevertheless, the simple fact that the zero-turn mower allows you to sit down means that you will not slow down your pace due to being fatigued.

Zero-turn mowers afford you cost effective fuel consumption

All lawn mowers need fuel to function. However, the frequency at which you replenish the fuel will depend on how long and how regularly you use your mower. Since a zero-turn mower completes the task faster than a push-mower, you can rest assured that it will be consuming less fuel than its counterpart will. Moreover, since the mowing process is shorter with a zero-turn mower, this also means cost-effective fuel consumption.

Zero-turn mowers provide you a neater finish

One little-known pro of zero-turn mowers is that they have a higher blade speed when compared to push mowers. The benefit of this is that the mower will be able to slash through the grass much faster as well as more precisely when compared to a push-mower. Thus, you will not have to re-mow different areas of your yard to make them appear neat and even as you would with a traditional push mower.

Consider these benefits when you're looking to buy a new ride-on mower

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