How Roadway Landscapers Can Avoid Affecting Traffic

Do you have any fears that roadway landscaping may create negative effects on the smooth flow of traffic on municipal roads? Read on and discover some of the measures that roadway landscapers may take in order to avoid any likelihood that traffic will be affected negatively once you give the landscaper a contract to embellish the center strips and traffic islands in the municipality.

Careful Selection of Trees

The chosen roadway landscaper may decide to plant some trees in the spaces that he or she has been contracted to embellish. That landscaper may select the tree species to be planted very carefully so that they do not later become a traffic hazard by blocking the view of motorists as they approach the traffic island. For instance, the landscaper may select tree species that don't form an extensive network of branches when they grow. Such trees will have a small footprint that would be unlikely to obstruct the view of motorists using the municipality roads.

Thoughtful Placement of Trees

It may not be enough to select the right type of tree for center strips and traffic islands if careful consideration isn't going to be put into where those trees are planted. The landscaper is therefore likely to visit each site and make a contextual analysis of which part of a given traffic island would be ideal to plant the selected trees. For instance, the roadway landscaper may decide not to plant any trees at the end of a traffic island if he or she notices that those trees are likely to block the line of sight of motorists once those trees are fully-grown. He or she can then pick an alternative placement site that poses a lower risk of blocking the view of drivers.

Meticulous Maintenance

The roadway-landscaping contractor may also create a meticulous program to maintain the shrubs, flowers, and trees planted within the center strips and the traffic islands within the municipality. Such a maintenance program is likely to prevent the landscaping from becoming overgrown to the extent that it starts posing dangers to the people who use those roads.

As you can see, it is possible for the center strips and the traffic islands on all municipal roads to be embellished with landscaping without sacrificing the safety of road users. It is therefore important for you (as someone responsible for managing municipal roads) to select a roadway landscaping professional whose bid gives details about how he or she will prevent the landscaping from becoming a barrier to the view of motorists who use those roads.

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