Boosting Curb Appeal | 3 Clever Tactics To Plan Your Landscaping Design

A landscaped backyard is a reflection of your home's beauty, so don't take this for granted when you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home. If you're thinking of making some changes to your landscaping design, then you've got to consider several factors. This guide equips you with some clever tactics to plan your landscaping design for boosted curb appeal.

Create Focal Points To Draw The Eye

If you're looking to build the beauty of your backyard, then you must start by creating focal points as part of your landscaping design. Focal points will draw the eye towards them to display the beauty of your landscape when set against the backdrop of your home for an enriched garden experience. You'll ideally want the focal point to stand out but not stick out like a sore thumb within your landscaping design. Some ideas for focal points include colourful flowerbeds, vibrant herb gardens, manicured shrubs, artistic statues, flowing fountains and swathing trees. The key is to find something that differs from the rest of your landscape in colour and texture, which draws attention towards it.

Soften The Edges Of Your Hardscapes With Plantings

Your landscaped backyard probably leads to a pathway, driveway or patio along your home. These hardscapes can seem cold and distant, so you can use plants and flowers to soften their edges into delicate masterpieces that blend beautifully with the greenery around. While it's crucial to boost your home's curb appeal by adding delicateness to hardscapes, take care not to overdo it because overgrown foliage and shrubbery could end up making the place look shabby and neglected. Plan your hardscape plantings carefully with your gardening professional to make them subtle, yet powerful elements within your landscaping design.

Add Colour Through Plants And Flowers

When planning a decorative landscaping design, you'll obviously want to create a sense of vibrancy to your garden and what better way to do that than with colour? Growing vibrant flowers and plants can turn a plain garden into a landscaped masterpiece with the right colour choices to resonate with your existing backdrop. For instance, if your home is made from red bricks, you could add blue or purple flowers to your landscape to create lively character. Colourful flowers and plants inject sprightly interest to the garden, so you should consider them as part of your landscaping design.

If you're looking to boost the curb appeal of your home, consider these clever tactics when planning your landscaping design.

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