Don't Let Your Corporate Cleaning Service Overlook These Simple But Important Tasks

Your corporate cleaning service may have a good checklist of items they will cover with every visit, or they may offer some services daily while other services are done weekly or monthly. Whatever schedule you agree upon, you might note a few tasks that you want to ensure they don't overlook. Not every cleaning service will manage these, so it's good to know they're getting done regularly or are worked into your contract as needed.

Disinfecting the phones

Your office phones can hold germs, bacteria, and other contaminants from skin oils, makeup, and even the germs that are transferred with earwax, human saliva and a person's breath. Even if your staff members always use just one particular phone for themselves, it's still good to ensure they're clean and sanitary. The earpiece and mouthpiece should both be cleaned regularly, along with the handle of the phone and the cradle; this will ensure there are no germs being transferred in any area of the office.

Wipe down door handles

Along with phones, your office's door handles can also carry a number of germs and bacteria, but they may be overlooked with routine cleaning. Be sure that the knobs, handles, and areas around the door where people might put their hand to hold the door open are all cleaned regularly, even if you can't see fingerprints. This is especially important for restrooms in case anyone on your staff is negligent about washing their hands after using the facilities!

Window ledges

Window ledges in an office may not get very dirty every day as office windows are often kept closed, but they should be wiped down at least monthly. This will ensure that any moisture or other such debris on the ledges won't be absorbed by any wooden window sills and cause them to rot. This debris can also get airborne and make your office environment unhealthy for staff, so the ledges should be cleaned regularly. 

Sanitize sinks

Bathroom and kitchen sinks might be wiped out and polished, but they should also be sanitized on a regular basis. If water or other debris lingers in the sinks and isn't washed out, this can cause germs and bacteria to build up. The handles and faucets should also be sanitized with a bleach cleaner or other antibacterial cleanser, and hard water stains should be removed so that they don't discolor the faucets or allow the sediment in the water to build up and calcify.

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