What You Need to Know Before Buying Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is a great choice for sports fields as well as for residential properties; it can be needed if you have large dogs who tend to dig up real grass, or it can be a good choice around a pool area where real grass might wither and die from the chemicals in the water. Whatever your reasons for choosing synthetic grass, note a few tips for making the right choice for your property.

Pile height

Since synthetic grass doesn't grow and get cut like real grass, you need to consider the pile height carefully, as this is the height you'll be stuck with for years to come. Don't assume that a longer pile height is always better; note if you'll be putting furniture on the grass, as a long height can cause drag on the legs, and the furniture may leave crushed areas behind with a longer pile. The longer pile may also catch more leaves, twigs, and other debris and need more raking or maintaining.

If you're concerned that a shorter pile height won't be as comfortable underfoot, note that the cushioning you add under the synthetic turf may make it more comfortable, even if it's a shorter pile. Choose the pile height according to the maintenance it needs and the overall look you're trying to achieve with your lawn; a shorter pile gives you a manicured look, while a longer pile may simply seem more traditional for a residential property.


The cushioning, often called landscape flooring, is very important as this adds to the comfort of the grass underfoot, as mentioned above. Note that a thicker cushioning will absorb more impact, so if you're putting down synthetic grass where you'll be playing tennis or another sport, thicker cushioning will slow down the speed of play.

Safety flooring is cushioning with a stronger nonslip surface, so it may also be a good choice for areas where you'll be playing sports and for around the pool, where children may run and tend to slip and fall. It can even be a good choice for the property of a senior citizen or someone else with balance issues.


The tone refers to how many color variations there are in the synthetic lawn. A monotone will often look a bit artificial since real grass always has some color varieties. A two-tone turf will look manicured but more natural, whereas a four-tone turf will look more rustic. Typically you can also add synthetic moss between the blades for an even more natural look and to tone down all the green.

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