Types of Materials to Use For Landscape Edging

When you are working on your landscaping, it helps to have a border that goes around the perimeter of your yard. This not only adds to the overall appeal of your background, tying together the look, but it can also make it easier to mow the land when there is a border to follow. Here are some different types of materials to consider using for your landscape edging.

Brick Pavers

Brick is the first material you can use for your landscaping border. One major benefit of using brick is that it is very heavy, so you know it will remain in place even during inclement weather. Brick can handle heavy winds, rain, snow, ice, and extreme heat. You don't have to worry about significant damage to the brick pavers from things like hail or snowstorms. You can have a thin border around the edge of your lawn, or also add some pavers that extend from the border and go into the lawn a bit. This really helps to tie it all together.

Natural Stone

You can use natural stone for both rock and paver borders around your lawn. Landscape edging with natural stone is more decorative, letting you have full control over the colour scheme and design. Some types of natural stone that work well with landscaping edging are limestone and flagstone, though you can use anything you like. You can choose small pebbles to create a loose border around the lawn, or edge the yard with large boulders. You can also have natural stone cut into pavers to work similar to how brick works around your yard.


Believe it or not, you can also use wood to create some nice landscape edging. This can be done by recycling wooden crates and taking them apart to use the wood pieces as a simple and recycled border. You can also use wood chips similar to rocks, where you simply pour them around the border of the lawn to separate it from the edge of your yard. Keep in mind that regardless of which way you do it, wood does deteriorate over time. However, you don't want to use treated wood since it can be bad for your trees and plants.

Consult a landscaper to discuss other options available when it comes to creating a nice landscaping border. You can also use materials like plastic or wood if you just want a simple border around your lawn.

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